Are You Approaching Your PPC Campaigns Like a Winner?

There is much confusion tied to the use of pay per click campaigns. While some insist that the use of this form of advertising is dead, others are clearly demonstrating that when such a ppc campaign is properly run, it can produce big results. The trick of PPC is staying on top of it. Check in Daily How often have you scheduled pay per click ads to run for a specified period of time and only evaluated their effectiveness at the end of that time period? How often have the failed to meet your expectations? If you aren’t making regular efforts to check in on your campaigns, then you can’t make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner, which means that you are very likely throwing away your budget. Gauge these campaigns daily. Set aside a short period of time each morning, or every afternoon, and take a look at how the numbers are adding up.

Know the Metrics Too many people walk into pay per click campaigns blind. Know the metrics that you are going to use to evaluate the campaign before it begins and measure them regularly. The most common metrics measured are the cost per conversion and the conversion rate. However, you should be looking further down the road as well. What is the ultimate goal of the advertisement? If you are simply looking to bring in increased viewership, then it might be enough to consider the metrics previously mentioned. However, if you want these ads to increase your sales volume, or to lead to more subscribers, then you should be gauging these changes as well. How often does that click through lead to a purchase or a new subscriber?

Run Multiple Ads Don’t limit yourself to a single ad, because it will be too difficult to gauge what needs to be altered if the campaign fails to meet your expectations. Instead run two or more at the same time and gauge them against each other, in order to discover trends. This sort of experimentation shouldn’t stop. You should always be seeking to improve your marketing efforts.

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