Time to Up Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

If you are working in the retail realm, and hoping to improve your bottom line in the years to come, then you better seriously consider your approach to mobile. If it wasn’t clear already, then certainly the 2014 holiday season made it very apparent that mobile is now the preferred method for shopping. Not only are consumers researching products on the go, they are actually making the purchases directly from their smartphones and tablets. This mobile shopping phenomenon is so strong that even those standing in brick-and-mortar stores will opt to make the online purchase via cell, if they believe they can get a better price or quality online. That means that your consumers could be purchasing from the competition while standing in your aisles. It is important, therefore, to make your website and your products as attractive as possible when reaching out to potential customers.

Help Them Find You In the same way that you use keywords to market your content, you can use them to increase the chances that consumers find your website when searching for local products. This requires that you choose locally relevant keywords, however. Know what your customer is looking for and how he or she would search for it, and you can wisely select the keywords for your mobile marketing campaigns.

Entice Them to Opt-In One of the biggest reasons that consumers give for their online shopping behavior is a belief that online prices are lower than in the store. They are also enticed by special offers and sales. Put this mentality to work for you. Offer a special sale to those who are willing to opt-in for receiving future promo materials.

Cater to Screen Size Many of the ‘Make Your Own Website’ services boast that their templates are mobile friendly, but before you buy into the hype be sure that you know how your company will appear on the smallest screens. Consumers aren’t going to linger if they are unable to comfortably navigate your mobile site.

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