Do You Suck At Storytelling? Your Content Marketing May Suffer As a Result

Content marketing is the key to any good marketing strategy, but learning where to begin can be difficult. What’ s more, though, is that knowing what to include, how to approach it, and how to keep up with the constant changes in this area is nothing short of frustrating. Many experts, however, suggest the process should begin and end with good storytelling. Why Does Storytelling Matter?

More than ever before, customers care about who you are as a company. They want to know your story. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Storytelling is your way in. It’s not only a solid way to differentiate yourself from other similar brands, it’s also a way to make sure they know you and want to work with you.

Strengthening Your Storytelling Skills

If you’re not a good storyteller, don’t despair. It’s easier than you think to acquire this skill. Start by thinking outside of the marketing box. You’re not trying to convince people to buy your product line or services. What you are trying to do is be authentic, something that’s not frequently taught in business school. Honesty and transparency matter in storytelling. Your story has to be rooted in reality, and for most brands, formality doesn’t even enter the equation. All good stories have a hero, a villain, and a goal, and while that doesn’t translate exactly in brands, the hero is always going to be your customer and the villain is always going to be what’s keeping those customers from the goal. It’s important to note that your story is not a blog post off the top of your head. This one is going to take some work, so get busy.

The moral? Paying attention at preschool story time may have actually paid off for your company in the long run!

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