Using Video as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing, in the modern business world, involves many different approaches working simultaneously to make a company visible on several platforms. Content marketing is an essential component of this ensemble and, done correctly, it will interact with many of the other aspects, such as social media marketing and SEO. While written content is important, and provides an excellent opportunity to work in applicable keywords, it is certainly not the only form of content on the web, and not even the most effective option. A web surfer, today, is bombarded with information. This is coming at him from many different directions and in many different formats. While he scrolls through social media feeds, searches Google for a certain product or service, and even as he seeks visual entertainment, you have the opportunity to grasp his attention. However, you have to stand out amongst the rest of the content being fed to him. Text, alone, isn’t likely to do the job.

This is part of the reason that video has enjoyed such vast success on the web. People want to be entertained and video clips do just that. They are more easily spotted in a sea of textual information and can say a lot in a short span of time. Today, video ads are the modern commercial, except that people aren’t looking to fast forward through them. The right video content can actually encourage that web surfer to comment, share, and even buy.

Fortunately, success with video doesn’t require large budgets, like television advertising does – just as the parents of little Charlie who bites fingers. You can make an effective video with very little in the way of camera equipment (just a webcam will do) and minimal on air talent. The trick, however, is to have a clear message in mind. Tell a story and tell it in an entertaining way and the consumer will be far more likely to pay attention. Better yet, he’ll tell his friends to pay attention too.

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