Your Content Relationship Obligations

With great technology, and improved forms of marketing and communication, there comes great responsibility. If you hope to prosper in the online community – both as an individual and as an enterprise – you must recognize those obligations and do your part to uphold your end of the social network. The digital revolution has made it easier to relate with others. No longer is there a need to travel to another person’s location, or even a need to pick up the phone, but relationships still exist on the same basic principles – shared interests. For that reason, you must carefully consider how you are interacting with your networks, or else those relationships could suffer.

Remember, business is done best when relationships are formed, which will ultimately lead to a sense of loyalty. If you can build those ties with consumers, which then lead those people to feel a unbreakable connection to you and your product line, you have helped to ensure the continued success of your company.

For that reason, it is not enough to post images of the items that you sell or to speak only on the topic most closely related to your business. You must carefully consider what interests you and how that might overlap with the interests of your online network.

We have not only this obligation – this forming of relationships from great distances – but also the responsibility to help spread news. News is not presented in the same format as it once was. A story from the smallest town, in the most remote corner of the planet can reach billions of people in a single day, thanks to the advancements of technology, and we must help spread the news that is important to ourselves, and to our audiences.

Social media is often seen as a scary aspect of digital marketing for modern businesses, yet it shouldn’t be quite so intimidating. It should only be seen as an extension of the traditional relationship. Where a person might once have walked to the corner store to greet his neighbors and build the relationships that led to an increase in business, he now maintains those lines of communication online. He would not have walked into that store speaking only of topics related to his industry. He might have discussed the weather, sporting events, and other topics that were known to be shared interests of those he met with. While these topics may have varied, the need for conversation in relationship building still exists. Be sure that you are living up to those obligations.

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