Are You Using the Right Analytics Tools?

Are you finding it difficult to gain control over your analytics? If so, there is no reason to panic. The vast majority of companies – and even many top marketers – will admit that this is a very volatile part of operating a business today. There are so many things to measure that trying to achieve the perfect balance can be a highly overwhelming objective. That being said, you will want to step up your analytics game in 2015 and beyond. Data-driven businesses continue to prosper, which means that more and more of the people in management roles want to see the numbers. This is not a matter of finding the most popular tools, installing them, and running with it. The right analytics tool package will differ for every company. However, there are a few things that you should be able to do and, without the right tools, this job will be overly cumbersome.

  1. Gauge Your Website Knowing how many hits your website receives is great, but that is only a tiny piece of the overall picture. You should know which of your pages is most frequented, how often visits to the site convert to sales, how often you see repeat visitors, and from what other channels traffic is being driven to your site. It all comes down to having the right tools and knowing how to use them. If you can’t present data like this at your next board meeting, then there is something missing in your analytics toolbox.
  2. Test Your Marketing Campaigns Of course, regardless of what the statistics are, you will always want to continue building your audience, and that means proper marketing campaigns. However, to know just how effective your content has been, you will need to analyze the data. What data? If you have to ask the question, then you definitely aren’t using the right tools.
  3. Predict Your Advertising ROI With the right analytics, you can begin to accurately predict how fast your company will grow and what you can do to help it along. Furthermore, you will know how to advertise, because you will know what types of advertisement speak best to your intended audience. If you cannot accurately predict what you can expect as a return on your advertising budget, then there is something lacking in your approach to analytics.

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