Overcoming Common Content Concerns

As you establish your content creation strategy for 2015, be sure that you are carefully considering the obstacles that you face. It is essential to place time, effort, and spending in the right areas to create content that will sell. The problems:

  1. Consumers are Busy, and Well Armed

Today’s customer, and prospective customer, has little patience for advertising. If content comes across as a sales pitch, it will fail immediately out of the gate. Consumers have the luxury of screening for cold calls, fast forwarding through commercials, clicking away from banner ads, and trashing marketing emails without reading them.

  1. New Advertising Isn’t Well Received

In fact, the consumer has come to appreciate such luxury and lashes out when interruptive advertising techniques are utilized.

  1. Traditional News-Style Content is Withering

Where traditional news pieces and blog posts were highly prized just a few years ago, they are floundering today. Even long established news companies are faltering because people have little interest in the newspaper, and even online news is being consumed in a different manner than it once was.

The Solutions:

  1. Draw on Human Emotion Advertisers are being forced to strip all of the gimmicks away, to return to the basics – great design and storytelling. An image, a story, even a joke that causes an emotional response is the best way to ensure that the consumer clicks through and shares with friends. Storytelling isn’t going to be a so-called ‘buzzword’ in 2015, it’s going to be a necessity. Companies that don’t do it well, and don’t hire someone who can, will likely face serious setbacks.
  2. Say it in 1000 Words (or less) Imagery is key this year. A picture really is worth a thousand words, as long as it tells a clear story. Short videos, .gif files, and blog posts that make use of imagery will continue to prosper this year.

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