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Business Process

CRM Implementation
Put the power of the World’s Best Customer Relationship Management system at your fingertips. Know at a glance where each of your leads, contacts and accounts stand at that moment.
Marketing Automation
Effective Marketing campaigns require specific targeted approaches. Reach each of your contacts in your database according to where they are in the marketing process and where their interest in your product lies.
Prospect Re-engagement
Don’t let your leads fizzle out. When a customer leaves your website they can quickly forget about you, don’t let that opportunity die. Targetted campaigns will reengage leads before they go cold.

Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing
Reach new prospects, draw them to your website, bring them into your sales pipeline. Not everyone knows they need your product or service until you tell them..
Search Optimization
Effective SEO campaigns involve well-planned, long term strategies that bring together keyword analysis, content management and proper web development practices to bring Organic search traffic to your website.
Paid Search Management
Paid Search and Organic Search go hand in hand. A well designed Paid Search Campaign paired with proper Search Optimization will bring in more results at less cost.

Web Presence

Web Development
Does your website convert? A well-designed website is necessary to win credibility in the eyes of your present and potential customers. Additionally, good UI practices help to drive home conversions to turn the curious visitor into customers.
Content Strategy
The messages you put out on the Internet will be seen. An effective Content Strategy will bring more visitors to your website, engage with them and ultimately convert them into customers.
Social Media
You don’t have to post to all Social Media channels, but which ones work for your business? LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube? We run Social Media campaigns that work.

Business Process

Automation Drives a 14.5% Increase In Sales Productivity.
*Kapost Research
Sales Automation

There’s a gap in the world of your sales. It’s a common problem for any sales staff. There’s a certain amount of time built into each work day. Then there are the tasks that have to be completed to make sure those sales get completed. The gap is huge, and it can seem impossible to overcome.

We can help. With the right sales automation technology to help your company move to the next level, MaxAudience is the way toward efficient, streamlined operations. Drop the Grunt Work. If the Jetsons could have machines that did it all for them, shouldn’t you? The reality is that your sales reps are out there every single day working through tasks that have to be implemented

Unfortunately, productivity is at an all-time low thanks to that ever growing list.

The answer isn’t pouring more into your budget to hire more sales reps. The answer is our sales automation solution. It will quickly process those tasks that chew up your sales reps’ time and energy, leaving them to do a better job at closing out that ninth inning. Take out that grunt work, and let them create better opportunities now.

MaxAudience can help. With the solution that will automatically engage and deliver the right follow-ups, it means the perfect chance to redefine productivity. Contact us today.

Sales Automation
25% of All B2B Fortune 500 Companies Use Marketing Automation Now.
*Paradot Research
Marketing Automation

Wondering why so many companies look to marketing automation every day? Change is coming. Buyer behaviors are different than they once were, and that forces companies like yours to shift both how you market and sell your products.

At the same time, though, software is changing too, giving you more opportunities than you’ve had in the past. MaxAudience can help with a process that means better lead generation and segmentation, nurturing, and relationship marketing to help improve your bottom line.

Whether you’re working at a small volume or your numbers are growing fast, we have the options you need to change your company now.

Marketing automation is the one chance you have to streamline and automate a task that can often take a ton of time without providing you with a solid ROI.

It means the opportunity to increase your operational efficiencies and grow your revenues faster than you ever thought possible. Many companies are enjoying the increased profits from automation.

Shouldn’t you? Contact us today.

Marketing Automation

Don't let a hot lead fizzle out! What happens when a customer is almost ready to buy but doesn't convert? Nine times out of ten they forget about you. But what if you could remind them?

You've seen this daily - the magic of retargeting. You looked at a product you were interested in and now you are getting an advertisement for that product on your Facebook page and in your Google search results.

A well run re-targeting campaign is specific and targeted to your website visitor. We can tell from a customer's behavior on your website what stage of buying they are in, and what specifically they are interested in.

We will create the re-targeting campaign specific to those customers to get them reengaged with your products and services.



Inbound Marketing

Lead generation means engagement that will help your company reach the next level. Only three in ten leads are actually ready to convert. Wouldn’t you like to spend your time working with those who are instead of chasing the seven who may not be? Automated sales systems mean a level of cost efficiency you just can’t reach with traditional lead generation. When the right practices are in place, you’re going to get faster, cheaper, more effective sales at the drop of a hat.

MaxAudience has generated thousands of leads for brands like Lending Tree, Reliable Carriers and Quicken Loans. We know how to find and target your next customer online using advanced tools for Marketing Automation and Social Media lead development, and we have the talent to drive a world class campaign.

Inbound Marketing
Banner Advertising

Banner ads – they’re the oldest form of advertising on the internet, yet they’re still an essential part of the marketing mix. Wondering why? It’s the one form of advertising that can truly spark interest, but only if it’s done right. We’re standing on the numbers to make sure every time your ad is displayed, attention IS paid to your message. Translation – a higher ROI than any ad you’ve put out before has ever seen.

Do A Lot With A Little

One of the best things about banner advertising is that it’s incredibly affordable. No matter what the size of your marketing budget, you’re going to find a plan that works for you. We’ll help you carefully define your goals by taking a closer look at what’s happened to your campaigns in the past and what could happen right now.

Even if you’ve never had a banner ad before, we can take a look at the statistics within your industry to uncover the right move to make. From there, we’ll narrow your target audience and carefully test before we launch a full scale attack. The result is high impact exposure that changes your numbers for good.

A Different Game

People see banner ads every day. How are we going to help you stand out from a crowd like that? It’s our customized approach. We’ll help you take a closer look at what you actually want to do. Drive sales? Build brand recognition? Increase traffic? Our strategies are designed around your goal and the data to support it, helping to ensure quality leads land back on your site in record numbers.

Paid Search Management

In essence, pay-per-click management involves setting up and paying to be included in search results for certain terms or phrases that prospective clients would enter to find a product or service you provide. Using a Google AdWords account we can quickly sort through and deliver high quality prospects ready to buy your products.

What’s great about PPC is that you only pay for the prospect clicking on your offer and you don’t have to pay for anything if they don’t click the ad!

The key in PPC is making sure the search terms and phrases you pay for when your prospects click the ad, match the prospects you actually want to attract.

This makes carefully planned PPC management a highly cost-effective method of driving traffic to your site. Poorly planned PPC marketing, on the other hand, could result in poor ROIs. To prevent this and make your pay-per-click campaigns work towards excellent ROIs, contact

Optimizing PPC Management

They achieve this by carefully researching your target market, the keywords they are using to search for you – or your type of business – and the ways/ places they are using to find you. Having established the most relevant keywords, they bid on these words/ phrases through Google Adwords, which essentially means every time a user uses these words within a search, your ad will be displayed.

By using these highly targeted keywords and creating SEO content for your PPC management efforts, our team ensures that the only traffic that is looking for what your company has to offer is driven to your site. This, of course, means the probability of these visitors being converted into viable leads and sales is significantly increased, while costs are restricted to paying for clicks meant to reach your site.

The performance of these ads is continuously monitored in order to ensure their effectiveness and, if necessary, make changes to provide better results. In this manner, sales are increased, costs are kept at a minimum and your ROI shines.

PPC management is an important element of your company’s overall marketing efforts. Careful planning, developing and monitoring of these efforts are as important as optimizing and coordinating all of your strategies. Our experts have the skills and experience to make your Internet Marketing a success.

web Presence

Expand your digital brand

Web Development | Content Strategy | Social Media

Website Design and Development

The best sites aren’t just pretty. They’re well developed masterpieces that have the code to stand behind them for any person, any platform, and any device. Not many web development companies can provide strategically crafted solutions that power the success of online marketing, but we can.

With the strategy, design, technology and NUMBERS to build an integrated, easy to use, flexibility solution for your clients, we’re here to help you connect with customers like never before.

Developing a Strategic Advantage

Data is our business, and for you, that means getting a custom site that meets not only the needs of your business, but those of your customers as well.

It’s unique, it’s specialized, and it’s the only way to do business now. Whether you’re looking for a development company that can help your site automatically adapt to mobile devices or you want an app that actually works as hard as you do.

MaxAudience can give you the big results you want now. We’ll make sure your site looks and functions well at every turn.

Maybe you know exactly what you want. Maybe you need a dynamic solution no other company in your industry has considered. Either way, we’re here to help. We know you want to build your brand online, and that means different things to different companies.

We can help put you on the map, creating solutions that are useful to you well into the future.

Content Strategy

How will they see your business? Much of the image you put forth is built around the content you produce and if haphazard is the only way you might describe your strategy, they’re not going to see anything but chaos when they look at you.

Build Your Digital Influence

MaxAudience creates content strategies that work. Content marketing is revolutionizing the way companies communicate, and we can help with the strategies that will drive your business forward now. With the knowledge necessary to effectively expand your sphere of influence now, we’ll produce the materials that spell long term relationships like never before. Good content can do so much for your business. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of it.

Our Process

Good content strategy isn’t just pulled out of thin air. Instead, we start with a careful evaluation and assessment of where you are and where you want to be. Because our strategy is data focused, we look at everything through a lens of metrics and measurement to build the only content strategy your company will ever need: the one that works. Our services include strategic copywriting across multiple channels that translates to a better customer experience and stronger results.

Uncover the Opportunities

A stronger content strategy means streamlined decision making and a framework to help propel your company to the next level. Simply put, it means sustainable results that continually brings customers to your door.

Content Strategy
Social Media

Building a network of engaging, shareable posts is the only way to grab and keep fans, and it just can’t happen without the right content, the right promotions, and the right company standing behind you. Social media isn’t just another passing fad, and there’s a serious learning curve when you’re looking to use it to your advantage. At MaxAudience, we don’t just create the buzz, we create real action to stand behind it.

More Than Shout Marketing

If you stand on a street corner tomorrow screaming about your new products, you’re going to do little to attract the attention of potential buyers. Instead, you’re going to get all sorts of unwanted attention.

The key to social media is to join the conversation and to join the right conversation at the right time. At MaxAudience, we work to fuse better content with the right platforms now. We’ll help you tie your social investment back to your bottom line with the data that links your social media efforts to your ROI, helping you see the power of this connection.

It’s creativity combined with analytics, and no one does it quite like MaxAudience. Promote your brand, monitor those trends, and research new ideas at the same time.

Choosing MaxAudience means an innovative approach to power your social media marketing now.

social Media




We have worked with over 700 clients over the years. Here is just a select few and how it was working with them

For a more in depth look to our client relations please download our mediakit.


Over the last five plus years we have been actively generating mortgage leads as part of two of the largest online lead generation campaigns in the world. Over 500,000 finance related leads generated resulting in over $5,000,000,000 in fundings creating record revenues every year.


“We love what you’re doing with our social media. We could have never done this without you.”



“Everything looks great, thanks so much”

Bob S.


“I love the tagline, ‘Military grade optics without the military grade price.”

Dale L.


Created direct response email campaigns for the largest media broker in Canada, and synced data to Microsoft Dynamics. Built state of the art lead nurturing system through Act-on Software to increase sales lead conversion. Created and maintained social media outreach and Google search engine strategy.


“This was exactly what I wanted to see. Now I have to get our Executive Committee to see this. Can you show it to them, as well?”

Jane S.


”You provided far more information that we expected and clearly showed what we need to do to grow our business."

Andrea P.


“The information you shared with me was a real eye opener, I thought we were a lot better off”

Nick M.


Built out entire sales and marketing automation system for one of the largest software escrow companies in the world


“The quality of your leads are very good, as always”

Matt S.


“ I finally found a SEO company that did what it said it would do, my last quarter sales is up 26%”

Wolfgang K.


53% increase in web traffic in the first 60 days!


“I shared it with Rose and she is happy that you were able to provide what she was looking for regarding tracking of new sales! Also, thank you for taking the time to go through all the information and making it easy to understand it.”

Charolotte C.


“Our Linkedin Campaign has had tremendous response”



“Great report, no other agency has ever shared with us the information you showed us”

Linda L.


Leadership Team

  • Mark
    Mark Mcintyre CEO
  • Matt
    Matt Smith CMO
  • Ave
    Ave Polack Project Manager
  • Maria
    Maria Provoznik Social Media
  • Steve
    Danny Farah Web Developer
  • Matt G
    Matt Gioia Web Developer
  • Ed
  • Ben
  • Slate
    Slate Simmonds Graphic Designer


MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core. We assist medium and large scale businesses with precise, high ROI, marketing campaigns that deliver inspiring results. We help our clients win in their marketplace. Our innovative approach builds medium businesses into brands using a blend of database marketing, inbound search marketing, unique creativity, and analytics to drive profit.

Our team members have contributed to legendary campaigns such as the launch of the GM Mastercard, known as the most successful credit card launch of all time. Our team has generated hundreds of thousands of direct inquiry leads over the last few years alone.

At MaxAudience, the results are seen in a matter of months, increasing your business is the name of the game and we do it quickly. Our team members have contributed to legendary campaigns such as the launch of the GM Mastercard, known as the most successful credit card launch of all time. Our team has generated hundreds of thousands of direct inquiry leads over the last few years alone.


Google Partner

Mark Mcintyre


Mark McIntyre has been in marketing for 15 years and is an expert at getting your message to your targeted prospects and boosting conversion rates.With the creation of three multimillion-dollar start-ups under his belt, it is clear that Mark has what it takes to get the job done – and then some. Years of proven marketing experience, hard work and boundless energy are all proof positive that Mark is motivated, dedicated and loves this work. Mark’s creative approach to marketing always keeps one constant in mind, what does the client want and what is the coordinated plan of attack to get the job done.
He blends his natural talent with a special knack for staying on top of current marketing trends to produce unbeatable results for his clients. Within a short period of time, he has carved out an impressive niche for himself and has already become a respected name in the world of Internet Marketing. Mark’s strategies helped to create over 350,000 direct phone and email inquiries in the first 24 month of operation and Mark has worked with more than 1000 select, niche market, high value, clients increase their profits and bottom lines.

Matt Smith


Matt is Co-Founder and CMO for MaxAudience based in Carlsbad, CA. He has comprehensive consulting experience in marketing strategy formulation – his areas of expertise are Database Management, ESP architecture, Database Marketing Automation, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning and Portfolio Management, Marketing Spend Effectiveness and Innovation Management in Marketing and Sales. Before co-founding MaxAudience, Matt created several extremely successful multi-million dollar corporations from start-up using his unique talent of predicting marketing trends and filling the online void in several industries including finance, real estate, and legal.
Matt is a father of 4, and resides in North Coastal San Diego with his wife, Amanda where as a family they spend much of their free time in the water year round.

Ave Polack

Project Leader

Ave Polack is the Project Manager at MaxAudience. She has been a versatile manager and client advocate for 15 + years. Over the years she has successfully contributed in a variety of roles including revenue management, account management, project management and professional services. Her expertise in planning, organizing and controlling elements of a project along with her level of discipline contribute to her success.After joining with Mark McIntrye and Matt Smith almost a decade ago her dedication to the team has allowed her to developed additional skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of MaxAudience.
She has a background in legal, finance and real estate along with her degree in Accounting. Ave resides in North San Diego with her husband and four children. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, martial arts and giving back to her community.

Maria Provoznik

Social Media

Maria has been the social media manager at MaxAudience, Inc. for the past 4 years. Considered one of the experts in SMM, Maria loves everything social.She attends every social media conference she can, sharing and learning with the best and the brightest about the latest digital trends. She has managed hundreds of company social profiles, posting engaging content, creating high quality social ads to drive traffic, and consults on the new updates in the social media world.
She has experience on many different platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. With her social media campaigns, she has managed to increase organic social reach for her clients; something that has been a challenge for all businesses marketing through social media. Her campaigns have generated thousands of high quality prospects for b2b and b2c clients.

Danny Farah

Web Developer

Danny is a Web Developer at MaxAudience and graduated from Platt College in San Diego in Web Development. He enjoys coding and thinks it's very important for people to understand how the web works.
He spends his time learning about WordPress and Web Development. Growing up in San Diego and living next to the beach, being active and bodyboarding is what he does outside of work.

Matt Gioia

Web Developer

Matt Gioia has been working in the web-space for 17 years creating a diverse array of web applications that utilize the languages of HTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP, Java, Perl, and C++. He has been working with Linux systems for almost just as long, being an expert with UNIX.
One of his most complex projects involved creating a multi-threaded C++ server with a behavioral recommendation engine. He holds a Computer Science degree from Vanderbilt University.
Matt G

Ed Rutherfurd

VP - Marketing Strategy

Ed Rutherfurd brings 25 years of experience providing marketing expertise and solutions to some of the best known brands in the U.S. The scope of his experience ranges from multi-national B2B to regional B2C, from regional packaged goods and fashion to global equipment and materials, and from not-for-profit and political to multi-national financial. Needless to say, he brings a deep understanding of how to integrate and synchronize all marketing channels.What put Ed on the map was doing the database marketing for what became the most successful launch in the history of Credit Cards, the GM MasterCard.
Being a marketer with an analytical focus, Ed continued to add email competency to his direct mail expertise, digital marketing to his offline competency; always focusing on the most effective, efficient means of marketing to the individual B2C consumer and the targeted B2B decision maker. That is still his focus to this day. Ed has been an eye witness, participant and thought leader in the most foundational shift ever experienced by the marketing world with the advent of digital marketing. He is a master marketer and teacher who will teach you how to use the right tactics in the right way for the current market environment with a focus on maximizing your profits.

Ben Kirby

VP - Integrated Marketing

Ben is warm and genuine in dealings with clients and co-workers alike. He reaches out, builds a common bond and enriches the lives of organizations who can benefit from the expertise that the Maxaudience team delivers. Ben works hand-in-hand with his clients and interfaces with the Maxaudience team to develop, implement, execute and improve marketing solutions that increase customer engagement, create opportunities and define new levels of revenue growth.Ben is an innovator. His focus is on continuous improvement of business process, procedure and communication. He maintains a primary goal of developing mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships with business partners and clients alike. His key skills are solution engineering, project direction, sales and marketing, art and design, and relationship management. Ben's focus, energy and contribution to a team effort have led to creating up to 380+% year over year sales growth for clients of his and within the organizations that he has worked.
Graduating with Cum Laude Honors, Ben earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree where he Majored in Finance. He received a Minor in Fine Art where he learned the Principals of Design and Graphic Design. Ben also holds an Associate degree with a focus on Computer Hardware/Software and extensive University studies in Marketing as well as a professional background in Technical Sales, Marketing, Design and Creative Direction.

Slate Simmonds

Graphic Designer

Slate Simmonds is a graphic designer and photographer from Southern California. Having studied Visual Communications at Northern Arizona University, Slate understands how to effectively communicate through the use of visuals. Whether it is through photography or design, he constantly explores, stretches, and breaks the boundaries of what defines design by experimenting with innovative color palettes, type, and composition.
Slate has a passion for every aspect of design. Clean lines. Minimal colors. Bold marks. Design is his way of life. Taking inspiration from all that surrounds him: "The city, the wilderness, the ocean, and his own mind. Aesthetic is key. With so much constantly going on in our world, visual relief is the breath of fresh air we need. "

Leadership Team

  • Mark
    Mark Mcintyre CEO
  • Matt
    Matt Smith CMO
  • Ave
    Ave Polack Project Manager
  • Maria
    Maria Provoznik Social Media
  • Steve
    Danny Farah Web Developer
  • Matt G
    Matt Gioia Web Developer
  • Ed
  • Ben
  • Slate
    Slate Simmonds Graphic Designer

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