LinkedIn marketing business to business

The Buzz around LinkedIn Marketing

Social media circles have been buzzing with news about how LinkedIn represents an excellent marketing tool for companies for some time now. Strangely enough, many companies still fail to take full advantage of the full potential LinkedIn offers as a marketing tool. Are you ready to see your company grow with LinkedIn marketing? Then call the experts at today.

What exactly is LinkedIn Marketing?

In order to fully understand the potential of LinkedIn, it is necessary to realize that this is not just another social network like Facebook or Twitter, for instance. LinkedIn is designed to bring influential people around the world together. As such, it enables you to make contact with people that can make a huge difference to your company.

In essence, LinkedIn allows users from all types of industries to get together and form useful contacts, whether they are looking for clients, business partners, service providers or potential new employers/ employees. Getting in touch with individuals you would like to be connected to but do not already know is easy enough through third party introductions or sending messages introducing yourself.

In addition, you can link your Website, blog or other social media profiles to your LinkedIn marketing pages, providing you with another opportunity to gain exposure for your company’s content. As LinkedIn also features a recommendations section, existing customers can recommend you, which is one of the most distinct advantages of LinkedIn marketing.

Search engine optimization also benefits from LinkedIn marketing, as LinkedIn profiles have high Google page rankings. Linking your blog, website and so on to LinkedIn and creating the respective links so they include your company name or related descriptive terms basically offers instant search engine optimization for all of these pages.

With more than 120 million users around the world, LinkedIn also offers users the opportunity to create impression based (CPM) or Cost-per-click (CPC) ads, making your LinkedIn marketing campaign even more effective.

LinkedIn Marketing within Service Packages

Over 25 years of experience in Internet marketing have taught our experts that no individual marketing strategy will provide complete success. Our complete, reasonably priced packages were born out of this knowledge and include everything you need to create your own success story. This includes, besides LinkedIn marketing:

  • SEO content marketing
  • Blog marketing
  • Local marketing (Google, Yahoo and Bing Local)
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Google maps placement/ integration
  • Reputation management and more

Naturally, every campaign and marketing effort will be subjected to thorough search engine optimization, ensuring your company receives the most targeted, valuable traffic possible.


LinkedIn marketing is a powerful component of overall marketing strategies for your business. Letting our highly skilled and experienced professionals create, optimize and manage your LinkedIn profile/ pages, as well as allowing them to plan, create, distribute and manage all of your other efforts will invariably result in extensive growth for your business. By generating larger volumes of high quality, targeted traffic likely to result in sales conversions, we make it possible for your revenue to multiply within a very short time.

LinkedIn marketing business to business