Make Influencer Marketing Work for You

It is a new buzz word among business professionals, and particularly marketers.  Influencer marketing is becoming a major trend, and one that shouldn’t be ignored, for it can be an extremely powerful tool to add to your arsenal.  That said, it is not always easy to initiate an influence campaign.  After all, you must convince a social influencer to support your brand.  However, before you get to that point, there are a few other things that you should be considering.

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Get More Reviews for Your Small Business

If you are trying to boost your SEO efforts, you might want to turn to your current- and previous customers.  The search engine algorithms do not work the same way that they once did.  The growth and popularity of social media ensured that they could not simply rely on backlinks and keywords any longer.  Now, there is much more emphasis on sharing and reviews.

It’s not just Google, Yahoo, and Bing looking for those little yellow stars either.  Potential customers have a wealth of information at their fingertips these days, and they use it.  Most people admit that, before they make a big purchase or before trying a new service, they will first read what others must say about it.

Reviews matter a great deal, so the more positive reviews for your company the better.  So, how do you get genuine reviews from real customers?

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Four Services That Could Help you in a Brand Crisis

So, you’ve made some horrible error, your best-selling product has been recalled, or there is a viral attack on your brand happening online.  Unfortunately, these things do happen and, even with the most careful planning, it can be nearly impossible to be prepared for such an event.  Once the immense shock has worn off, it’s time to take action.  In order to do that, you’re going to likely need a bit of help, and these services are certainly among those worth careful consideration:

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Three Ways Facebook Could be Doing More For Your Company

Social media is a powerful force, and one that is not going away any time soon.  As we watch yet another of the social platforms enter public trading, it is obvious that people are still head-over-heels in love with online socialization.  And that is tremendously good news for companies prepared to make the most of it.  If your company continues to falter, trying to find the income potential in these massive arenas, consider the following tips for making more of Facebook.

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Making the Most of Email Marketing in 2017

It is not dead.

If you are among those of the belief that email marketing no longer holds value to companies, large and small, then you are missing out on great opportunity for growth.  There is absolutely no proof that email marketing is dying.  The opposite is true, in fact.  This is a marketing platform that holds increased possibility thanks to the improvements in technology and the continual introductions of software made to make such process easier and more efficient.

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Got Behind the Social Marketing Curve? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

If you fell behind the curve with social media, and you are just now building your business presence online, trying to gain ground on the competition, then you want to avoid the mistakes that could set you back.  In fact, the missteps mentioned below could be just as devastating to a well-established company that has been active on social media for years.  However, they are likely to recover more quickly than the lesser-known brands.

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Influencer Marketing: The Big Push in 2017

There will be a race taking place this year.  If you haven’t started out of the gate just yet, you might want to do so very soon, or you could be left in the dust of your rivals.  This will be the year of influencer marketing, according to the experts, and we agree with the assessment.  Influencer marketing will play a big part in the online landscape in 2017.  That means that you should begin your efforts to take advantage of the trend.

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Social Media Success for Small Business is 80% Dedication

Probably the most common complaint that we hear from companies regarding social media is “I just don’t have time to keep up with it.”  It does make sense.  Social media does take time, if you are going to do it right.  But, in many cases, the real issue is a lack of desire.  For those who have learned to appreciate the beauty of social media, it is not a chore or even a checklist item.  It is just something that has become a normal, and enjoyable part of every day.  The truth is that social marketing is only about 10% creative content and about 10% socialization.  The other 80% is dedication.

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Clearing Up Confusion: How Data Can Help With Your Media Marketing

Despite massive amounts of evidence that suggest otherwise, and numerous accounts from companies that has shown the reverse to be true, there is still a giant myth in business that suggests that there is no way to track the return on investment for social media based marketing.  There is some truth to the concept that your number of followers or friends is not really indicative of how well you are performing on social media.  That is only one small piece of the equation however.  There is so much more that data can tell us about our overall efforts, but also the individual posts and campaigns that we use in an effort to reach our niche audiences.

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Knowing When To Invest in Professional Marketing Services

Marketing is a big job, and if you are a small business owner, then chances are you don’t really have a marketing department.  There are more than twenty million self-employed people, who are working to grow their own businesses, and that doesn’t account for the 2-, 3-, 5-, or even 10 person operations that have very small marketing budgets, and rarely a job title that includes the word ‘marketing’.  So, do not feel that you are alone in your struggles to contend with advertising, brand recognition, and online reputation, while dealing with the many other facets of running a business.  Do, though, know that there are times when hiring help is well worth the investment.

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Have You Saved Your Social Media Content?

If you are like most company owners, managers, or marketers operating in the business world today, then you have recognized the potential of social media marketing.  Of course, that means that you likely spend a lot of time catering to your social accounts, creating content that is worthy of interaction and sharing.  It is no secret that building a social presence takes time, but what does seem to be a surprise to millions of users is that fact that it could all be taken away in a flash.

It’s true.  Social accounts have been flagged and removed for small- or unintended offenses in the past.  If that happens, what happens to all of that excellent content that you have created?  What about all of those connections that you have formed? It is for this reason that it is highly suggested that you back your social content up on a hard drive.

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What is the Difference Between Blogging and Blogging for SEO?

Blogging started as a sort of public journal.  It was simply a way for people to get their personal thoughts and feelings in front of an audience.  It has, of course, transformed quite a bit through the years and is now often treated as more of a business tool than a journaling platform.  In large part, this is since businesses started to recognize the potential that existed in blogging.  Today, many companies maintain a blog, making regular posts that are intended to draw an audience in, and hopefully encourage them to do business with the company behind the words.

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