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Data Driven Marketing

Welcome to today. Intentions no longer matter. Ideas may have gotten you here, but they’re certainly not going to get you there. The path to strategy has long since disappeared. The only answer?

Follow The Data

There’s a reason every blog and tweet you read mentions metrics. It’s the guide that will help you build a marketing plan that your competition can’t touch, and we’re the marketing agency that has the keys to the kingdom. Our unique 3 step process means you don’t have to worry about what’s working and what’s wasted any longer because none of it is wasted. We’ve refined the process so your efforts end only in one place – the land of amazing results.

The data revolution is here, and you’re not going to be part of it by employing the same tactics year after year, simply hoping that the metrics will swing back in your favor. Instead, you have to look to new insights right now if you’re going to know the market, and the individual customer, better. More than anything else, it’s what they want, so if you’re not going to keep up, your stop is coming up fast.

Big Data, Big Results – The Only Marketing Agency To Consider

Wondering if we can actually tilt the industry so all the customers fall into your hands? Absolutely. After all, processes like these mean a pull they just can’t look past . . .

Step 1: Identify

Finding those targeted buying behaviors begins at this step. You can’t pursue growth without clarity, and while it can be tough to gain traction in this area, with MaxAudience on your side from the outset, you’ll find the complexities that will help make sure your costs don’t accelerate faster than your revenues.

Step 2: Predict

If you don’t want the constraints of the tiniest niche, you have to figure out the world of forecasting the right now and the tomorrow. Oh, and you have to be right. It’s this part of the process that begins creating a beacon they can see right away, and that will translate to profitable growth, not wasted marketing dollars.

Step 3: Engage

Our systematic approach ends here, with all of the fireworks it should. You’re the industry hero, carefully managing and exploring opportunity just as you should, proving once again that data means a more personal, human interaction with your brand, as well as cash raining from the sky.

Stop looking at best practices articles and how to fine tune segmentation. Instead, look to MaxAudience, the only data-driven marketing agency who can handle the real world challenges your company faces every single day. Contact us today to learn more.

"Blow away your competition..."


Executive Team


"We will either find a way, or make one." – Hannibal

Case Studies


Law firm located in the heart of Chicago specializing in Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation and Legal malpractice.


There are over 100 Personal Injury Law firms in Chicago, most with domain names that are 12 yrs old or older. This client purchased their domain in May of 2012. They had no internet presence in a densely populated city and the keyword that they needed to compete in are some of the most competitive and difficult to rank in the industry. Law firms spend tens of thousands of dollars monthly for rankings and Adword campaigns.


The home page of the website had to be redesigned and website “errors” needed to be addressed. A multi-channel local campaign was initiated. Within a year, this client has high local rankings for Personal Injury Attorney, Workmans Comp Lawyer and 22 other long and short tail keywords.

Because of 1st page ranking of Legal Malpractice, They have taken on several new cases which are valued in the high 6 figure range. Website traffic has jumped over 300%.


Oral Surgeon operating 2 clinics in Washington State.


Both clinics had very little internet presence despite paying Superpages $1500 a month for 6 months to get rankings and run their AdWords campaign. They finally canceled with dismal results. The client’s growth plans included expanding their practice to include dental implants but had no marketing to reflect it.


A multi-channel local campaign was initiated in both cities. Today this client has top rankings both locally and organically in all related keywords. The campaigns have expanded their reach to neighboring cities both on the map and organics.

In the past 8 months, web traffic has increased 230% with new patients expanding the practice 30%. In the last 6 months the practice has added 2 new doctors. This was all done without pay-per-click AdWords.


Industrial Control Systems Supplier in the highly competitive multi-billion dollar industry. They provide products, services and calibration solutions in the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation and transmission, water/wastewater, industrial, research, aerospace, process control and maintenance markets. Their products cover a wide range of applications from pressure, temperature, flow, level, signal conditioning, data acquisition and calibration equipment. Their offices are in Canada and their customers are international.


This client had numerous challenges. They were paying premium prices for their PPC campaign. They were capturing almost zero organic searching volume and had no organic keyword rankings particularly rankings that matched their PPC keywords.


MaxAudience redesigned and began managing this client’s organic marketing and Google AdWords account. Since then they have seen increased performance on an ongoing basis. These performance improvements have come in the way of improved click-through rates, improved lead quality, decreased average cost per click, decreased average cost per lead, improved lead volume and improved conversion rates. To date, we have achieved a 10 % reduction in cost per click, 982 negative keywords added, reduced wasted clicks (wasted spend) by 25%, and

increased Quality Score by 48%. We have also increased their national rankings to include 1st page organic rankings for their top 3 performing PPC keywords. They are now ranked for other product specific keywords, ranked near or at the top of the 1st page for important keywords like "calibration control systems, Michel Dew Point, Krohne Optiflex, Krohne Optiwave, Pressure Transducer, Position Indicators, etc.," further decreasing their overall cost per lead.


Recreational gold mining camp designed for families and others nationwide. The camp caters to campers wishing to prospect for gold, fish, swim & hike in a picturesque portion of Northern California. Their campers come from all over the nation and to some extent, the world.


This client is family owned and operated. First started in the late 1800’s, their only means of promotion was word of mouth, referrals and trade shows. Now three generations later, the owner knew that the future of marketing included the internet. They only had a website and didn’t know how to attract customers through it. Throughout the years they had people coming from all over the world to their camp. They were successful but never could achieve 100% occupancy over their season.


Sept. 2012, MaxAudience took on the challenge and started cleaning up the website simultaneously implementing a multi-channel campaign to achieve their business goals. Within 12 months, this client went from virtually no internet presence to having national rankings in over 50 long and short tail keywords. Keyword impressions average over 20,000 impressions a month, website traffic has jumped 227%, they are getting dozens of calls daily and even have publications calling them to write stories about gold prospecting.

They now have first page national rankings for keywords that compete with multi-national companies such as: gold mining, gold mining companies, gold mining family vacations etc. This was all accomplished without having to build a new website even though their current site had hundreds of “errors”. They expect to be 100% booked for the 2014 season.


Maxaudience is an internet marketing agency that assists medium and large scale businesses with precise, high ROI, marketing campaigns.

Maxaudience staff has cumulative marketing experience of over 120 years. They know the old marketing methods of print, direct mail and broadcast marketing – more importantly, they have kept their skills fresh and know equally well how to cost effectively market through the Internet. Though the old methods still remain, they are rarely as cost effective as internet marketing. The buying public has gone digital and those companies that contact them in the digital realm reap massive rewards. Continuing to use old, 20th century methods, will simply confuse buyers who will not find you unless you have an up-to-date, engaging online presence.

Vision: To assemble the best talent in the world and take the empty space in the Internet marketing industry as the obvious global leader.

Mission: To build marketing campaigns with an eye on market dominance and position our clients in front of their target audience as the clear choice.

Values: Deliver high quality products and services that produce real results. Help our clients build their business as if it was our own. Develop and nurture long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and prospects everyday. Support the personal growth and development, health, advancement and continuing education of our team members. Remain agile and embrace and quickly adapt to market and societal changes. Employ the concept of Continuous Never Ending Improvement to all of our processes and procedures. Act as good stewards of our local and global community by embracing green and sustainable technologies and practices. Be passionate about what we do and have fun doing it.

Strategy: Focus on doing the best work, having the best strategy and producing the best results achievable anywhere. Work relentlessly to prepare for and understand the market and societal forces and changes that create new opportunities for our clients to connect with and win the business of their most profitable “ready to buy” target prospects. Use our creative talents everyday to further our passion for the growth and development of client organizations.

"A lot of times people don't know what they want until you show it to them." - Steve Jobs


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